• Aashish Chopra posted an update 7 years, 6 months ago

    @vishwasjoshi Hi Vishwas,
    I’ll attempt to answer this, purely from a content marketing perspective.
    For customer acquisition for niche products, I would focus on little problems I could solve with the products. I see 3 buckets for content: inspirational, useful and topical. If you can create content around usefulness, beyond just the usual benefits, but actually solving a problem, or a common issue, then the probability of sharing would increase among peer groups, which is what we’d want for niche products – niche userbase. Once you’ve identified that idea (search for it, curate), see what all content pieces you can create  (articles, infographics, videos, memes etc) based on what communities you have on what platform. (If you have large FB userbase, video will bring in more reach right now); If you have large TW base memes could work best; If your product is niche, see if slideshare could be used for Infographics. Half the battle is the idea which will break through the clutter and directly engage your users, other half is distributing it on your social channels. There ain’t no magic pill for this 🙂 All it needs is a an idea executed well.

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