Mohul Ghosh

  • @sabaashyamlee Hi Sabaa.. Although I am from Lucknow, but I am currently based in Delhi. However, I do have some major plans related with entrepreneurship, in Lucknow. I am adding you on Facebook.. and will shortly contact you for the same. Earlier, we had organized one Rodinhood Open House for Entrepreneurs in Lucknow, and hopefully, we will take…[Read more]

  • @shaliniattre Thats great Shalini! Can you pass me your email id at
    The event is on January 25, 2014 between 4 to 6.. and the address is
    17/3 Ashok Marg, 2nd Floor Tekarees Chambers, Lucknow 226001.
    Its in Ashok Marg, Opposite Jawahar Bhawan. You all will see a Newgenapps sign on the building
    Feel free to contact Anurag at…[Read more]

  • @amansukhija Thanks a lot for connecting with me! 

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