4 Fundamental Factors to Consider Before You Start Selling Second-Hand Tech

The second-hand and used technology market presents a massive opportunity for those in the industry. According to Deloitte’s report on the second-hand...Read More

What I (un)learnt from Narayan Murthy in 4 minutes..

On Friday (7th October) late afternoon, my wife Chhavi and I were flying from Mumbai to Bangalore via an Indigo Flight. We always (99% of the time) tr...Read More

Being Contrarian – Lessons for Entrepreneurs

If you are an Entrepreneur, you have to learn to be a contrarian. Not following the herd and sometimes doing just the opposite. In this vlog, I propos...Read More

Mom to a son & a startup

This post originally appeared on BawiMummy.com Full disclosure. This post may make me sound like a monster. When I found out I was pregnant I was inex...Read More

What they don’t teach at the Art of Living… An insider’s story

I began my journey with the Art of Living in the year 2000, so it’s my 17 year association with the organisation. A confession : In my heart I a...Read More

Create a Startup – A real drama!

Recently, I had a unique opportunity to host a session to explain the business of startups. What emerged was a fun, highly interactive and ‘dram...Read More

The five business lessons I learnt from the story of Zara’s founder Amancio Ortega

I read an amazing write up about the world’s richest man – Amancio Ortega in the latest issue of the Economist, and was humbled  to learn ...Read More

5 Business Lessons I learnt from my Family shop

5 Business lessons I learnt from my family shop : When I was growing up in my hometown, at the age of 11 I started going to my family shop, the shop w...Read More

Mistakes to avoid from a first time entrepreneur

Building startups is not easy and can take a toll on your life. This presentation talks about three major difficulties I faced while working on my las...Read More

Learn better online using Knowledge Maps

Both Pavneet (my cofounder) and I worked on a few unsuccessful startups before starting Knowledge Maps. Motivated by our failures, we decided to learn...Read More

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