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  • Career Options To Choose After Completing MBBS Degree
    Well, if you are reading this article today, you must have prepared yourself for MBBS entrance tests during your school years. You might have a full action plan on how to crack the MBBS exams. But, have you ever thought about what to do next after passing out of med school?

    Are you aware that…[Read more]

  • Top MD Physiology College in NCR, Delhi | Get Scholarship in Santosh University
    MD Physiology course in Delhi ncr by Santosh University, The purpose of this program is to standardize Physiology teaching at Post Graduate level and achieve uniformity in undergraduate teaching.

  • Best Orthopaedic hospital in Ghaziabad – Santosh Hospitals
    Santosh Hospitals is the top orthopaedic hospital in Ghaziabad, NCR Delhi with highly experienced doctors providing best orthopedic treatment, bone & knee surgeries.

  • Best Heart Treatment Super Speciality Hospital in Delhi, India | Saroj Hospital
    Saroj Super Speciality Hospital is a 154 + bedded Multi-Super Speciality Top Heart Treatment Hospital in Delhi & healthcare provider, par excellence, fast establishing itself as a global industry model in the tertiary healthcare system of India.

  • Dental colleges in delhi ncr for mds
    Santosh University is a NAAC Accredited Institution based in NCR Delhi, University is dedicated to its triple mission of Quality Education, research and patients care

  • Best Children Hospital in Ghaziabad, NCR Delhi | Top Pediatric Doctor & Specialists

    Santosh Hospital is the best pediatric hospital or child speciality hospital in Ghaziabad NCR Delhi with skilled paediatricians & proven success of child care treatments.

  • What Is Glaucoma, And What Are The Possible Treatment Options?

    When there is too much pressure in your eye, your optic nerve suffers damage, leading to Glaucoma. The condition is common in old adults and is one of the main causes of blindness. In a person with Glaucoma, whatever vision is lost cannot be recovered, but you can delay and prevent…[Read more]

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