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    What Is Glaucoma, And What Are The Possible Treatment Options?

    When there is too much pressure in your eye, your optic nerve suffers damage, leading to Glaucoma. The condition is common in old adults and is one of the main causes of blindness. In a person with Glaucoma, whatever vision is lost cannot be recovered, but you can delay and prevent further vision loss with early diagnosis and treatment. If you have Glaucoma, it is in your best interests to get an eye examination at the Best Eye Hospital in Ghaziabad at the earliest.

    Symptoms to expect if you have Glaucoma

    The symptoms will be based on the type of condition you have, such as acute angle-closure Glaucoma or open-angle Glaucoma.

    Common symptoms for acute-angle closure Glaucoma include:

    Eye pain
    Blurred vision
    Seeing halos around lights
    Blurred vision
    In the case of open-angle Glaucoma, you may experience:

    Tunnel vision
    Blind spots in your central or side vision

    If these symptoms are affecting you, visit a reputed Eye Hospital in UP to consult the doctors and learn about your condition and treatment.

    Reasons Why you Get Glaucoma

    Research is ongoing to determine all possible reasons for Glaucoma as it not very evident what causes the increase in eye pressure.

    Eye experts believe the following factors may contribute to the condition:

    Certain medicines like corticosteroids
    High blood pressure
    Low blood flow to the optic nerve
    A build-up of aqueous humour, which is supposed to flow out of the eye
    Blocked blood vessels in the eye
    Injury to the eye caused by a blunt instrument
    A family history of Glaucoma
    Treatment Options for GLaucoma

    If you begin treatment for Glaucoma at its early stage, you can prevent further loss of vision. But you cannot reverse whatever damage has already occurred. Doctors try to reduce eye pressure by using different methods.

    The common treatment methods include:

    1.Prescription eye drops

    Commonly, the first line of treatment doctors advise is usually prescription eye drops that lower your intraocular pressure. The drops either decrease the amount of fluid your eye produces or help in draining the fluid.


    If your doctor feels your eye drops are not sufficient to bring down the pressure, he may prescribe medications. These medications may have possible side effects like stomach issues or excessive urination.


    If drops or medicines are not producing the results, the doctor may recommend Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery to control the eye pressure. Another method called trabeculectomy is used to remove affected portions of the trabecular meshwork.

    4.Other techniques

    Laser therapy: For patients with open-angle Glaucoma, the doctor may prescribe laser trabeculoplasty. This technique is done to open the blocked channels in the trabecular meshwork.

    Drainage tubes: In this technique, the surgeon attempts to lower the eye pressure by using a small tube to drain away surplus fluid.

    People with acute angle-closure Glaucoma may require a combination of surgery and medication to reduce the intense eye pressure.

    If symptoms of Glaucoma are troubling you, it is vital to get immediate treatment to reduce the eye pressure as quickly as possible. Delay in treatment can further damage your optic nerve tissue, causing blindness. Get an appointment with Santosh Hospital, the Best Opthalmology Hospital in Ghaziabad. Their skilled and experienced eye specialists will diagnose your condition accurately and start treatment to reduce your eye pressure and prevent further vision loss.

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