• Santoshvyas Joshi posted an update 11 years, 11 months ago

    @alokrodinhoodkejriwal Dear Alok,
    Apologies (reason mentioned at the end of the message)
    I have been reading various posts here since last year and i must admit that is one of the best sites providing loads of information which even a google search would not give (Thanks to all the members contributiion). These days I have been accessing more than google for information as it is first hand views, feedback and opinion. I will not be surprised if years down the line Rodinhoods overtakes google :). is a phenomena and not a mere website where people meet and exchange views, its larger than life.
    [Apologies for not writing earlier. Valid reason though 🙂 ..I was so overwhelmed by the entire gamut of information site provided, i was flooded with information and took me entire year to write back in ]
    Best Regards,Santoshyas Joshi

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