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3 Reasons on why you should NOT be a KORPORATE KATAPPA


Kattapa, when told that Sivagami had sent a marriage proposal for his sons to Devasena he ASSUMED it was for Baahubali. This assumption created further confusions eventually leading to dethroning on Baahubali as the king of Mahishmathi.

As someone rightly said – Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in.

In corporate life as well I have seen people assume and take decisions based on their assumptions. This leads to products failing, companies shutting and relationships soaring. Simple way to end the misery to assumption is ASK.

Ask customers

Ask you team

Ask your customers

Don’t follow orders BLINDLY

Kattapa knew that killing of Baahubali was not in the best interest of the Kingdom (read Company) – still he went ahead with the killing.

Similarly – Employees are expected to abide by their managers because there is an assumption that with higher experience and expertise – Managers have better decision-making capabilities. This may not be true always.

Better decision making = Decisions that are in the best interest of the Company

Managers, Leaders may ask you to do things based on personal bias or lack of knowledge on the subject.

If it’s lack of knowledge, as a team member- it’s your duty to educate your seniors on your views and reasoning behind your objections and suggest alternatives.

If it’s for bias – escalate but don’t take orders you feel strongly against without reasoning it out.

If you are unhappy, don’t crib – just QUIT

Kattapa was an unhappy man.

Bijjaladeva (his boss) had no respect for him, was a bad person and a cheat (got Baahubali killed and killed his own mom) and had no interest in his people or kingdom all of which was against Kattapa’s liking. Kattapa STILL continued to serve him.

Never, Ever work for a person who does not respect you.

Never, Ever work for a person who is ethically and morally wrong.

Never, Ever work for someone who is not passionate about his company & his people.

Feel free to let me know your views.

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