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3 Top Trends Related to Mobile Apps that you Must be Aware of

Developing mobile apps can be one of the most amazing experiences for a developer. There are many ways in which these developers need to think out of the box to create an app that can win over the hearts of the intended target audience. There are certain trends that if a developer can follow, he can create an app offering something of substance to the end-user.

If you are not into looking at the trends that need to be followed, then this blog is exactly written for this purpose. Following are the 3 such hottest trends that are not entirely new but looking bright for some time now and the ones to watch for the future.

  1. Hybrid Apps are making a Mark

In the US market and in other parts of the world, hybrid apps are making a mark like no other application right now. App developers based in huge metros like New York City are more concerned about offering the best support to their customers as the market is huge there. Simply said, mobile app development NYC nowadays is more concerned with hybrid apps as these are in and has a bright future.

Hybrid applications using technologies such as Ionic and HTML5 is one of the hottest trends and are cost-effective too. With Swift 3, and rumors that Android will soon adopt it, going for JavaScript over Linux, we look at a more integrated platform base. We all know that Android is now the king when it is concerned with smartphones so developers are looking at every possibility linked with Android and iOS too.

  1. IoT and the Future of Mobile Apps

While IoT is no way directly connected to mobile apps, in a way they are crossing each other’s path for sure now. IoT technologies such as GPS, Beacon, and location-based Wi-Fi will be integral to many applications as there are many ways in which it can be really the technology breakthrough to look forward to. The Android Wear and Apple Watch will do more than merely tracking your health and fitness. Let me offer you more insight about this aspect.

Companies like Fit Bit have taken over smart watches produced by Apple and Samsung. The way this company has made sure by defeating the giants of the business is because of smart integration of killer mobile apps with their devices. So now you can track your health on the go and find many useful benefits too so that your Fit Bit watch is now a more of a powerful tool than just a health tracker.

  1. Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is also not new but there are ample opportunities for app developers to tap in this latest market trend and make a way for themselves. Cloud technology plays a key role in mobile app development and storage. With major players like Microsoft and Amazon going all out in marketing their Cloud storages, the future surely belongs to it. And smartphones, with the help of mobile apps, will make sure that even a layman can use the power of Cloud Storage to maximum benefits.

Final Word

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