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5 reasons why most mobile app startups fail

By the end of 2017, the number of app downloads will cross 265 Billion from all around the world. Smartphone users are increasing dramatically and people started shifting from pc to smartphone devices. These all numbers clearly indicate that the app market is not going to stop in the near future. It is the time of smartphones and mobile applications. But wait, if the trend is of mobile apps than why are a large number of mobile app startups failing?

With the big market trend, large competition comes and makes it difficult for apps to stand out from the crowd. There are literally hundreds of apps with same features.

Let’s see some reasons why mobile startups fail and how you can stop it.

1) Consistency of app

If your app is not performing equally well in different environments like various devices, different networks, users will leave/uninstall your app with frustration and if your app will fail to hold users on the app, your app will lose in app-ocean.

2) Does your app need an update?

All the popular apps roll-out an update once a week or twice a month. If you want to provide the best user experience, you need to work hard after the app release to detect occurring errors and to solve it over time.

No app is perfect. You can give importance to the user feedback and solve the bugs to provide better app performance. Many developers don’t update the app or update it only once or twice a year. This indicates you are not serious about the users and user experience.

The second reason why your app needs a frequent update is to stay in touch with trends. To compete with Snapchat, Facebook released the story feature in all the apps including Instagram and WhatsApp. You need to provide what users are liking most by feature updates.

3) No-user-focused app design

In the Apple app store, 8 to 10% apps are rejected because of its bad design. Bad design leads to bad user experience. If your app is not user-friendly or if it’s too complex, it will not impact on user positively and your app fails.

Features are the reason why users install your app and the app design decides if the user will stay on the app and use it again or will not return and uninstall.

With easy navigation and user-friendly design, you can engage users more on the app and the uninstall rate will decrease.

4) Lack of proper marketing

Marketing plays a vital role in the app success. No matter what kind of business app you are launching, your app will need a marketing strategy to reach the first set of users. even you need to think about this before you start developing your mobile app.

No matter how useful your app is, if you fail in marketing your app, it will not reach to a targeted audience and end up with a big fail.

5) Listen to users

Users are the best channel to get feedback on your product.

In case of the app, if your app is failing, give attention to users. Read user feedback and check the issues they’re facing, or simply what they want as an update.

Along with this, you can also provide a section where the user can give you direct feedback, instead of clicking on different links. By doing this, the user is likely to provide the feedback. And by acting on their feedback, you can win their trust and establish your brand as an authority in the app market.

By taking care of these points when launching your mobile app, you will decrease the chance of failure and your app will be able to reach the targeted audience and expectation of users.

source: Tecocraft – mobile app development Surat


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