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5 Ways to Improve the User Experience of your Mobile App

With the increase in mobile users, more and more apps are also being launched in the market on regular basis. But launching a mobile app is not enough. It is equally important for app developers to understand the importance of what kind of experience users have with their apps. If you want to create a successful app, you need to understand how the end user experiences mobile apps. If you have developed an app that needs improvements when it comes to user experience, here are 5 leading ways to do it:

  1. Give a makeover to your app’s sign-in page

When it comes to engaging the users in an app, the first thing that a user faces is the signing-up process. As an app developer, you need to understand that the sign-up screen gives the users the first impression of your app, which can result in good or bad depending on how sign-in page appears to be and how easily a user can sign up with your app to get complete access.

Do not forget that, sign-up forms look a lot elongated on the mobile phone screen as compared to a desktop screen. This can be a big turn off for the users if the form contains the fields which require non-essential information. Not to mention, it will also take lots of time to fill out the form completely and correctly. So it is better to design a signup page, which asks only for important information and which does not look longer than normal on the mobile phone screen. Also, keep the confirmation process as simple as possible. Users want to get access to an app which least amount of steps possible.

  1. The page should load at a faster rate and take less time

When you are designing a mobile app, you need to ensure that your app pages load at a faster rate and takes very less time than maybe 10 seconds to open up completely. If not, then the user might not use that app often due to its heavy loading times, and might even remove it completely from his or her mobile due to lack of usage. Choose for lightweight and stylish design with various, easy to locate features to deliver a user-friendly experience.

  1. Design the app based on the platform

There are various different platforms like Android and iOS app development platform that come with different resolutions and criterions. When you are developing an app, it is best to follow the standards of the platform for which you are designing the app. In fact, developers can use the same code again to design their apps that are working resourcefully on numerous platforms along with iOS app development platform, Windows, Android, and more. It also helps in developing an app with the right style and proportions.

If there is an even a slight difference in app proportions and the content of the app is not exactly aligned or arranged, the layout will look uneven and unattractive. When you use a particular platform to design the app, the different items with different proportions automatically align with each other, giving a very attractive and functional outcome. An app must be accessible on all kinds of devices.

  1. Look for feedback from the users from the early stage

Feedbacks from the users help a lot in improving the functionality and usability of the app for the users. App developers can learn a lot about what is wrong with their app and how to resolve the issue. There could be problems like app crashing while in usage, distribution of incorrect information, missing data and so on. Not every user is going to enjoy writing a review for your app, so, create other ways to get feedback from your app users like asking for their opinion, or creating some sort of tick-box questions to save time for users as they give their feedback. Make sure that giving the feedback doesn’t cause any kind of inconvenience for the users.

  1. Make the app clutter-free and bring down the number of clicks

When you develop a mobile app, the main goal should be to provide the right amount of information to the users at any given point in time. Remember that users can get easily distracted and thus, your app must provide the required information as quickly as possible and in an easier and understandable manner. Avoid creating clutter and confusion on your app. Design in such a way that users can easily find what they are looking for. To enhance the usability, it would be better if you reduce the number of clicks required by the users to reach a particular section of your app.  Bring down the time and work required by the users to complete important tasks.


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