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7 Pro Tips to Up Your Unity Game on Instagram Stories

Social media has become more about documentation and it is now more of sharing stories than simple photos.

While you must be aware of basics of sharing Instagram stories, but if you wish to make your unity games more interesting and engaging on Instagram then here check the 7 best pro tips!


  1. Add UTM Parameters to the Links

It is not possible for Instagram analytics to track link clicks. So, use UTM parameters like small text codes to the URL that enable you to track the site visitor data and sources of traffic.

This way it would be possible to track content your users like and is engaging with them. You can even add a ‘swipe up’ element to your verified account. If you are not verified then you can add a link in the bio and utilize a call to action in the Instagram story.

  1. Increase Engagement with Polls and Feedback

Polls offer easy participation to individuals and offer them an easy way to engage people on such channels. Polling will help you avail real-time results about your audience so that you can better understand them.

Polls can also be used to maintain online conversation flow and crowdsource ideas from the audience like feedbacks and suggestions. You can always ask questions about current events and maintain the fun and engagement.

  1. Accentuate Your Brand Color

Just like your Instagram profile, your story must reflect your brand’s exclusivity with a distinct theme and look. If you will maintain a consistent look then it would be easier for the viewers to identify your brand.

Check the Instagram’s color wheel in order to match your brand colors.

  1. Use hashtag and location stickers for better discoverability

Adding hashtag and location stickers in the Instagram stories is an excellent way to target new followers and fans. Such stickers boost your discoverability in the searches and make it convenient for followers to find you.

You can even add the location of your business to the sticker in the story so that followers can know more about your brand. Try featuring your sticker in the larger story at Instagram, which is a herd of Instagram stories tagged with a specific location.

  1. Add a Precise Call to Action

Call to action or CTA must be clear, effective, easy to follow, and actionable. Add a short and simple CTA in your Instagram story to grab the attention.

Include a pop-up feature to your CTA to draw more attention of the users and stand out from the competition. This can be done by typing the message with a different color and move the top most layer of text so that it is slightly away from the original message or the bottom center.

  1. Try Shooting Vertically in the Portrait Mode

While this may sound a little weird, but it always works. Shooting vertically is the best time to film Instagram Stories. It makes convenient and easier for people to watch the stories. Even this is the easier way for individuals to grab more from your content without flipping away their mobiles sideways.

  1. Plan in Advance for Your Content and Then Take a Necessary Action

Instagram allows you to upload stories that are more than 24 hours old. This allows you to plan better and ahead of time. Hence, you can always publish a more finished product.

This is an excellent feature to use for live events. Before you shoot the event, you can always film an intro explaining more about the topics and things that will be discussed. This way, whenever the event will start, you can share information with others and begin engaging more people and capturing their real-time footage to include in the story.

I hope these tips will help you boost up your Unity Game Programming posts on Instagram stories and help you gather an audience that will never stop following. There are more other interesting and hidden ways to move your stories to the next level. I have shared with you the 7 best and effective ones. So, keep clicking and see what all you can do with the latest updates of the app. Enjoy gaming! Enjoy Instagram!

Author Bio –

Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs. Web-design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow in the online market. He would love to share thoughts on Social Marketing Services , Digital marketing etc..


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