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Are eCommerce market places delivering dead stock to consumers?

I have been a regular shopper on eCommerce market places like Amazon, Flipkart etc. I have recently noticed that most of the electronic products that are ordered online through these market places are dead stock.

2 Weeks back my office wi-fi router had stopped working, considering that I don’t have time to visit Nehru Place (Delhi’s computer hardware hub), I thought I would order it online, hence I ordered Netgear Wireless ADSLModem + Router through Amazon.

After I received the product, I was surprised since the import date of the product was Aug 2015. I called up Amazon customer service, they apologized and said this could have been by mistake, hence they would arrange a replacement or I could order another product.

Hence, I ordered another product. It was once again dead stock since this Netgear router had an import date of Sep 2014. I noticed similar issue with other electronic products.

So, I would like to ask everyone, what is your experience and opinion? Do you feel these kind of experiences are pushing customers back to brick and motor stores?


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