Author: Aneja Raj

Best Twitter Conversation Ever – Tesco Mobile

This one was on the news a few days back. Posting in case you haven’t already read it. It star...Read More

Challenge to All Rodinhooders – Answer this One!

Hello All, So we know TheRodinhoods reached the Magical Number of 5,000 members last week! In one of...Read More

Why Obama Wears Only Blue Suits or Gray Suits?

          Awarded the   “Rodinstar” Post    of the we...Read More

Aneja Raj – Seasoned Digital Marketing Strategist and Consultant

Hey there! My name is Aneja. I am a Digital Marketing Professional with 10 plus years of Experience ...Read More

Email Marketing – How to Make $100,000

Awarded the “Rodinstar” Post  of the week!! According to Direct Marketing Association, f...Read More

5 Reasons I Joined Rodinhoods

Point No 1: Because I Want to Be Searchable I live in a Digital world. I like to “SEARCH” a lot &...Read More

Why this Smart Move from Google will Reshape Digital Advertising?

We live in a constantly changing Digital world. At home or at work, we are more connected than ever ...Read More

No Country for Old Planners!

A few years ago while I was in the midst of presenting a multimillion dollar online media plan for a...Read More

Web made Bastards. Must Read!

If you haven’t called anyone a Bastard yet, at least in your head, you are probably from another pla...Read More

Facebook Timeline. A picture is worth a thousand words!

Facebook is planning to make its new Timeline format available for Brands soon. Reports indicate tha...Read More

Why AdMob is my best friend!

Our industry is in mad love with Mobile, and competition between big companies like Google, Facebook...Read More

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