Author: Anirudh B Balotiaa

3 reasons why Product/UX Design is struggling in your organisation

So either you are the head of UX Team or you are part of one and feel that the UX Team is yet to fin...Read More

If I was Managing/Leading People

In less than 2 years, fortunately or unfortunately I had 4 bosses at work. Fortunately because I was...Read More

3 Reasons Why meditating is absolutely essential for your life!

I have known about meditation (and the benefits which were unanimous for those practicing it regular...Read More

On Accountability, where does the buck stop?

A recent post by Jason Fried (Founder, CEO of Basecamp) led me to share some of my thoughts on Accou...Read More

How being a UX Designer made me a better person…

Let’s face it, when I enter the office, there is no switch that I need to turn on to become a UX des...Read More

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