Author: Chetan Kaushal

Midnight in Mumbai – #GoodLuck

 This happened on Christmas eve last year. I live in a joint family in Mumbai and one of my cousin Y...Read More

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to Alok, Asha and the entire Rodinhood community !! Don’t do it :)

Hi guys,  I have completed my ALS Ice Bucket Challenge because it was fun but I take back my Challen...Read More

My Roll Call to Destiny

Hi Rodinhooders, I did a presentation on Roodinhood OH Mumbai on 19 July 2014 under “I’v...Read More

Need Business Developer

Hi, I’m a freelance web developer with a small team of 3 developers. I’m looking for an ...Read More

M.O.U or no-M.O.U

I have started a for-profit and not-for-profit after-college-coding-group where we are going to cond...Read More

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