Author: Gunjan

School is out?

Twenty years back if I were to tell my dad that I was studying for a course online using my phone, h...Read More

Using VR to solve challenges in traditional architectural methods

If there was one thing everyone chased and tried to catch last year, it was Pokémon. PokemonGo’s suc...Read More

Why hire a CEO for your startup?

As the New Year began, Flipkart announced its first non-founder CEO hire. Co-founder and CEO Binny B...Read More

VIP Interview with CoCubes founders, Vibhore and Harpreet

As we start a new year, we are happy to announce a new column on Rodinhoods called VIP Interviews. W...Read More

What happens when three IITians are committed to make Aadhaar accessible to all

The mission At a time when most of their batch mates were pursuing big dreams on foreign shores, thr...Read More

Subscription business: Yay or Nay?

“What a brilliant idea Cosset is!” is something I get to hear often. As a founder of Cosset, a perio...Read More

Food + Instagram = Foodstagram

I didn’t make that up. It is a valid expression that is largely used by food lovers all over the wor...Read More

Meow! Cats are the mascot of internet

We all have had that one friend who loves cats. I had two, and I remember they were called crazy cat...Read More

5 Startup lessons from LEGO

Ever since my little one was gifted a LEGO set on his birthday, the house has been taken over by lit...Read More

What is IE20 and who is it for?

Last Friday I had the opportunity of attending an event in Zone Startups at BSE Mumbai hosted by Lon...Read More

Cosset period subscription box

Hi everyone, I’ve been a member of this community for about a year now and I must say some dis...Read More

Courier Service run by Women?

Is there any e-commerce logistics company that has women delivery persons ? I want to deliver some p...Read More

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