Author: Karan Ahuja

How can Events, conferences increase engagement levels through social media ?

Hi Guys , How can conferences , events such as our open house increase engagement levels , networkin...Read More

Looking for ideas to redesign company website

Yo everyone 🙂 How is it going. From my side : We were working on product called choiceman to summari...Read More

tech startup looking for co working space (6 seats) in mumbai suburbs

Hello fellow rodinhooders!!! Hope all of you are running with high spirit and strength ! I am karan ...Read More

How to get new ideas in science and tech in mumbai ?

Hi guys Let us discuss how we can get  good ideas in science and tech space . some ways that have he...Read More

Just uploaded new website that makes buying decisions for mobiles easy –

Hi guys I am Karan Ahuja , based in mumbai . I like  to code , and dream about making  things to sol...Read More

Looking to sell live chat for websites business

Hello friends  i am wanting to sell kodecrm – it is a business similar to...Read More

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