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Anger Management at Work! Any Help?

Hey there,                                                                                          ...Read More

Do you really know the Politics of Business? If Yes, Can you answer this…?

Hi Fellow Rodinhooder,                                 I’ve always had this question in my min...Read More

Why Copying should be made Legal? Let’s find out!

Why copying should be made legal?  Reasons? When one product is successful, other folks in the same ...Read More

Should Mr. Alok donate to charity work? Need your views.

Hello Mr. Alok.                      1st Congrats for  “Fab Tattoo Artist” ranking and i...Read More

(ABC) Anybody Can Answer This?

Hi Rodinhooders,                         This is nothing to do with entrepreneurs. I often get confu...Read More

An Entrepreneur’s Inspiration & Role Model!

Respected Alok,                          I’m really thankful for all that you have done to the...Read More

How do you make money by developing an app for Android & Apple?

Hi All,         I’m planning to develop an application for both Android & Apple, but I hav...Read More

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