Author: Kriti B Vichare

(Comic) The Ship has Sailed

You tweak and prod and edit and iterate. You feel your product or service has to be a “just ri...Read More

(Comic) Death Defying Act

Death-defying feats of bravery, object manipulation, dangerous beasts and stunt-oriented artistry &#...Read More

(Comic) Election Detection

Choices are tough. Americans have a major choice to make on November 8th. New entrepreneurs also hav...Read More

(Comic) Funding Vortex

  Squeeze that last cent!   There are two types of entrepreneurs in the world. There are those ...Read More

(Comic) Leads that Bleed

  Of course you are aiming for a YES. But when you get a NO, remember, all NOs are not the same...Read More

(Comic) Fishing for a Yes

    “No way. Sorry. Nope. Not interested. Maybe later. I don’t think so.”...Read More

(Comic) Step by Step

    “I’ve got it covered.” As a new entrepreneur starts a business, he/s...Read More

(Comic) Bit by the Startup Bug

Doctor, the last dose of a corporate job didn’t work! It’s a plague, highly contagious a...Read More

(Comic) Entrepreneur’s BS Radar

    I smell a rat. The employee is upto no good. The competition is about to launch an att...Read More

(Comic) Will you be with your idea forever?

Are you in love with your idea? Is it going to be with you forever? Is it permanent? Are you ready t...Read More

(Comic) More Work Coming at You!

No good work is left un-rewarded. As a new entrepreneur building your business, you may be tempted t...Read More

(Comic) Jack of All Trades, Master of One

If you are launching a service business, you have choices:  Be everything to everyone Be very target...Read More

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