Author: Nishant Agrawal

Moving to Bangalore to Startup

Hey, I moved to Bangalore this week to grow my startup. I am currently working alone, but will be ne...Read More

WordPress plugin: would love to have some feedback!

I should have written this post sooner. So I wanted to make an amazing form builder. I had some keyw...Read More

The Golden Hen and the Hungry Monster

Awarded the “Rodinstar” Post  of the week!! There was an interesting article on cnet abo...Read More

What Every Non-Technical Person Should Know About Hacking and Coding

  A fellow Rodinhooder had an unpleasant experience dealing with web security a few days back. The c...Read More

Confused. Need Rodinhooders’ Help!

I was introduced to the world of income tax filing when I joined a CA firm as an intern. Most of the...Read More

Indian Software Engineers – What’s Wrong With Them?

I raised a similarly question on Quora. Got no reply. Is the topic a taboo? or too absurd? or an und...Read More

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