Author: Nistha Tripathi

Ending 2016 with a refreshing meeting with Alok!

2016 was a year of digital nomadism for me. I, finally, broke my boundaries to travel to Bali, Singa...Read More

Seven Conversations featured in Femina

I have so often used Rodinhood to find inspiration, solutions, audience and what not that I am very ...Read More

How I met Rashmi Bansal through TheRodinhoods

One fine day, I wrote a book, Seven Conversations.  Another fine day, I posted a long rant on TRH fo...Read More

Cracking mainstream media for a book

I think writing a book is like founding and running a startup. Building the product (writing the boo...Read More

How Quora sent me 40x traffic in a day and why you should try it too

That’s the site stats monitor on my blog. The 40x spike that you see in the end (and the small...Read More

Rodinhood meet at Indore

UPDATE: We are meeting on Dec 15th (Sunday) at 4pm in BCM Heights CCD. Please join if you are in Ind...Read More

Paraajay se paraajit nahi

In mood for some poetry, this is for all those who have been down but never out 🙂 ——R...Read More

eTesting Platform – looking for education, coaching classes contacts

Dear Rodinhooders, I am researching how coaching classes (e.g. the ones for engineering and MBA entr...Read More

I wrote a novel

  This post is taken from my personal blog. I did seek a discussion on publishing help here at ...Read More

Publishing help for newbie author

Dear Rodinhoods, I am just finishing my first fiction novel and want to start finding out how to get...Read More

Life is not about perfection

I had been waiting to write a perfect post, to write it perfectly and to have some magical effect. B...Read More

Turning Thirty

I turned thirty yesterday. I didn’t know what to expect of my mind at such a stage – I mean, I have ...Read More

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