Author: Priyadeep Sinha

My Values define the type of Person & Entrepreneur I am

This is a small anecdote from my own life. Right from my childhood, my parents ensured that my value...Read More

How 6 Years of College Life made me who I am!

I’m … I’m …  All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go  I’m standi...Read More

Our ‘Basic Mantras for Success’ at

Well, we are just a few days away from the Private Beta launch of our next big star — I...Read More

Why do Edtech Startups fail?

(Disclaimer: This is only my point of view from my experience being in edtech for 5 years, you may o...Read More

My Life is a Sum Total of My Experiences

I was asked by a few of my friends and well wishers to write a bit about GyanLab completing 5 years ...Read More

Making Videos that Go Viral – NPC 2015

During Nasscom Product Conclave, you will always see a series of amazing speakers giving you a lot o...Read More

When life throws you & your start-up under a bus: Lessons from Failure!

Life isn’t always rosy for everyone. How can an entrepreneur be any different? You might have all go...Read More

Looking for early-stage Funding? Here are pitching hacks you cannot ignore! #NPC2014 Part 2

Funding is tough work. It is also a massive requirement for most start-ups who have a vision to grow...Read More

Why is it important for you to build a Product Market Fit? #NPC2014 Part 1

Hey Rodinhooders, how are you doing? If you are an early stage entrepreneur, this article is for you...Read More

TheRodinhoods Bangalore Open House (Sept. 27) – Live Reporting!

    Alright Bangalore!!! Finally it is D-day. The Rodinhoods Open House is about to start ...Read More

Kidovators 2014 – A Disruption in Education Sector! We Need your Help and Support, Rodinhooders :-)

Hey Guys,   This is my first ever post on the Rodinhoods and feels really amazing to be doing s...Read More

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