Author: Rohan Bhansali

A Small Idea to build a Great Workplace

A very good friend introduced me to a commencement speech delivered at The Harker School, California...Read More

Great Places to Work – India features the Gozoop culture.

Interview on Greatness Diaries by Ritika Mulchandani. Rohan Bhansali is the Co-Founder of Gozoop, a ...Read More

The 5 not-so-obvious common traits in the best hires

The human side of business fascinates me. HR has naturally been the function I have enjoyed the most...Read More

How brands are improving their ROI through Social Media

Social media has taken the internet by storm and the landscape has undergone a huge change in the la...Read More

[Interview] Ahmed Naqvi, Co-Founder, Gozoop Talks About Their Latest Digital Product Zozolo Social ROI

It is that era of the modern age where the existence of businesses, ventures and firms have gone dig...Read More

5 Things I Learned From Acquiring A Company

To enhance our Indian presence and diversify our revenue base, Gozoop acquired Red Digital in July 2...Read More

Gozoop Acquires Red Digital

Am very happy to share the news of our first acquisition with fellow RodinHooders. Am sharing the of...Read More

A Letter to all Entrepreneurs

Dear entrepreneurs,   Hope this letter finds you in the best of health and cash flows.  I would...Read More

Building a Positive Start Up Environment – More Smiles, Less Stress

Life in a Startup is demanding and stressful; this isn’t breaking news. What most people don&#...Read More

The Missing Link Between Passion and Profits

Like most entrepreneurs out there, I love, lust and value passion more than profits. Gozoop was a de...Read More

Hiring for a Start up – Hire Character before Talent

In the 4 years since I started my entrepreneurial journey, I have probably interviewed north of 800 ...Read More

8 tips to a successful “Friendtrepreneurship” [Are best friends great cofounders?]

“Friendtrepreneur” [Pronounced: friend-truh-preh-nur] Noun: a person who starts a business, taking o...Read More

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