Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

The Mouse Charmers by Anuradha Goyal : Book Review

With the advent of Internet,  a new breed of entrepreneurs have come up who used the power of Intern...Read More

Puneet Nirogam Aggarwal – The Story of relentless passion for Ayurveda

    I’m pleased to introduce Puneet Nirogam Aggarwal, who runs Nirogam, a wellness m...Read More

Rahul Am of Dial2Verify on how Bangalore Traffic Helped Him Launch His Startup

We all have small and big problems in daily life. What makes one different is the reaction to the pr...Read More

Keeping Track of Online Activity in Various Startup Groups

Hi All, I have this problem from quite some time, and now I seek all of your expert advise on this. ...Read More

Vijay Khubchandani – the importance of naming your baby correctly, with NameMyWorld

  I’m pleased to introduce Vijay Khubchandani, an entrepreneur since 8 years and the foun...Read More

5 Tips for aspiring women entrepreneurs

5 Tips for aspiring women entrepreneurs It’s been an year since I am associated with TheTechPa...Read More

Freelance Digital Ad Sales Manager at

TheTechPanda is a digital media company aiming to be the one-stop destination for all the news and u...Read More

Online Media for Startups : TheTechPanda exists for Startup Stories & Entrepreneurship

Hi All, First of all, a BIG Thank you to Alok & Asha for this wonderful forum. I’ve seen t...Read More

What I Learnt in 10 Years of IT Career

This April, I completed 10 years of my professional experience in IT. I have learnt a thing or two a...Read More

Happy Father’s Day : Things my Dad taught me without talking about them

On this special day, my mind has been busy compiling the list of things I learnt from my Father. We ...Read More

Need suggestions on market research

Hi Rodinhooders, Need your expertise in helping me out. I have this business idea to : a) Help autho...Read More

Eye My Baby – Why a bachelor created an awesome parenting app!

I am pleased to introduce Eye My Baby – an android baby monitoring app, developed by WishTree ...Read More

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