Author: Sarvesh R

Orcs of bureaucracy, a miserable friend and your money back

Every time you visit a government office it’s like entering a fantasy world. Being a mere mortal you...Read More

Govt office Hack for you: Tips and Tricks to get through property registration easily. A novel in the making….!

So you have booked a flat/plot and have received the delightful green signal from the builder/seller...Read More

employee loyalty + chicken curry = customer loyalty for your business. I swear!!

“Nonveg, extra spicy, gravy!?” my friend shirish the epitome of brevity, explained our wants while s...Read More

Startup?? Middle class?? Oh boy!!

  Awarded the “Rodinstar” Post  of the week!!     If  you have ever watch...Read More

A senior lawyer, a complaining client and my startup….(

Legal Costs and my Startup     10 seconds. This is the maximum exposure I ever had with my father...Read More

Where is your office? Can the answer be Ulhasnagar? Need your guidance wth the predicament.

I have an office in Ulhasnagar. The kalyan, Ulhasnagar and Thane courts are our domain. I am about t...Read More

Parle kissme and a pair of scissors. (Organic, shoestring and natural marketing)

D: Is mom home? Me:Nope D: where is she? Me:Dunno D: she has her cell? Me: hmm D:hmmm *click* call e...Read More

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