Author: Sunaina Shenoy

Did You Leave A Pink Cookie For Me?

While I respect the ideology of some people who believe as to why keep one day to celebrate women...Read More

From A Spectator To A Volunteer – My TRHS Travel

Well, so what was intended in the beginning to be a takeaway from the previous Saturday’s Open...Read More

TiECON Mumbai 2016 – The Lessons We Have Come Back With!

Like one goes on a pilgrimage each year to renew ones spiritual batteries, entrepreneurs follow a si...Read More

Househunting and Starting Up – What I Learnt and What I Need Help With

“why is house hunting so much like starting up?” quipped my usual self. “well, because it is!!!” sai...Read More

Rodinhoodnis Contributing to The Indian Startup System

While every entrepreneur who writes his success story is inspiring, the obstacle course for a woman ...Read More

A Story that’ll be my first step to drawing some Good Luck

So when I read the post about writing a #goodluck story I kinda sniggered at myself. Good Luck &...Read More

SEO Associate for a Gurgaon Based Startup

Parentune is India’s fastest growing social portal exclusively for parents. It is a proparent ...Read More

Digital Marketing Executive for a Gurgaon Based Startup

Parentune is India’s fastest growing social portal exclusively for parents. It is a proparent ...Read More

When did you last enjoy a real vacation?

“Yeah, sunaina so we can meet on Tuesday and take forward the proposal then. Cool?” “Sure rajat, see...Read More

The Start Up Grind Event Platter – Wholesome & Complete

Starting your own venture is thrilling, challenging, nerve wrecking and can be sh*t scary at times. ...Read More

If There Is Anything Probably Beyond Passion, Maybe This Is What It Is!

One of my favorite blog post on TRHS; I have read this many a times and each time I imagine the situ...Read More

Meet Mridula Arora – The nurturer for mompreneurs

As a frequent traveler in the Delhi Metro, more often than not I have many moms as fellow passengers...Read More

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