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BOOM BOOM. Thank You.

For the first time I am writing on my favourite site, “”.  I have never added any content here. I attended TRH Open House held in Gurgaon earlier this year. BOOM BOOM. Learned. I didn’t win a T-Shirt 🙁 but had wonderful snacks over there  🙂 

I have been busy in reading & learning since I have been over here that I never felt I could write anything to help or to contribute. I still feel the same. I am writing here now because I want to share some HAPPY NEWS and also wanted to say THANK YOU.  

Happy News:

Our company, National Electric Co.  has recently tied up with an upcoming PAN India company to manufacture electrical goods for them. We’ll be their only registered vendor for the products we manufacture. They are starting with 16 offices in INDIA and will expand further. We got Sample Order of around 1000 coils.

Thank You:

I am saying thank you because from beginning till the deal got done and I got 10 blank cheque (s) as security. I used almost everything I learned here on TheRodinhoods.  

Step 1:

Internet Marketing: Lot of people have their websites and patiently look for customers to approach them. I read somewhere over here only to take initiative and reach out with positive attitude. I bought leads from; I approached 10 prospective buyers every month. After 3 months of “approaching”, I met the director of this company and that was the beginning of the deal.

I dedicate one hour everyday 10 -11 in morning for clients on the Internet, before my real marketing starts. This has helped me a lot.  

Step 2:

Genuinely Help: After exchanging initial emails to take things forward you have to genuinely show concern (also read over here somewhere) & help your clients instead of just focussing on selling your goods. I helped them with over 300 electrical products while I will be supplying just 12-15 products. Helped me develop Faith & Trust.

Step 3:

Bonding over dinner: Went out with them. Had dinner. Talked about everything but not business. Let personal dinner remain personal. Had fun. Gained new experience, personally bonded, etc. 

Step 4:

Visit to Mumbai: So far they had visited our premises/factory/office. To finalise they called me to visit & seal the deal. They showed the same hospitality to me, actually even better. Went to office. Had few meetings with their sales team (very experienced & technically strong), CFA (who is also putting money in buying the products), VP marketing, Director, etc. Made first presentation, learned from Graduate of Entrepreneurship series of presentations by Alok Sir. Everyone liked it. 

Finalised the Deal. Got 10 cheque(s). 

In all meetings, I remembered all the things I read here such as:

>Where i had to apply more practicality (paise ke darshan karao sir to take things forward; I literally said this in meeting). 

>We are offering not just products but services.

>We consider ethics more important than just revenue.

 Step 5:

Visited Siddhivinayak temple. Felt Blessed. GOD is great. No matter what from Step 1 to last breath you take, it’s all God. No matter what you do, where you go he is always there to help you and bless his children. After all said and done, I never forget that some day I’ll leave this world and all i’ll take with me will be my Own Karmas.

As ALOK sir says, “Karma will never out of Fashion.”


Thank you for making me better person. Better in business skills. 

God Is great. 

Twitter: Rajeevkocher


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