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The Business of Public Mud Slinging (BPMS)

Just yesterday, I was (unfortunately) tagged in this post. Dunno why I was tagged but was sympathetic anyway.


This morning, we all woke up to the really stern and caustic letter written by Arun Nanda to Cyrus Mistry


The Business of Public Mud Slinging or what I call BPMS has come alive and how!

The questions I ask as an entrepreneur and businessman are:

1. Is this prudent? Take for example these ‘recovery’ posts that are made out in complete exasperation and frustration by the person owed money

Will the person owed money now pay up? If you insult and provoke and publicly shame these anyway shameless people, what motivation will they have to pay?. I made my own effort to figure out if I could help SutraHR by forwarding this picture to someone who is was close to one of the ‘accused’ shown in the picture and asked for help. The reply I got instantly was ‘Your friend’s post is definitely not going to help.”

2. Is this bordering on defamation and risking a counter lawsuit?

I am not sure – if you are a lawyer, please comment. I know that folks at default look for any excuse – no matter how minor, to make a mountain out of a molehill and begin a counter blame game.

3. This is an endless game of Blame Game Ping Pong.

You must have the energy and the resources to stay ‘invested’ in the business of BPMS. Is it worth it?

4. If you take on the government, you will surely go to hell

Do you remember the terribly written vindictive ads that Sahara (place your right hand on your left breast please) published against none other than SEBI?


The only other memory I had of “Sahara Shri” (or whatever the heck he is called) after these series of ads was this


I used to only see toilet paper posts, comments and ads by politicians and their parties. Looks like being crass is now going upstream…



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