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Can you be the next e-commerce success-story !!

I am one of those non-tech guys who always believed in the power of internet, ever since i started using the good ‘ol – for emailing back in the 90s. the internet have grown immensely in India in the last 15 years or so – both in terms of infrastructure ( net-speed, computers, handhelds & now mobile internet !! ) & content.

I have a very strong feeling about the current e-commerce wave sweeping India. 2012 & beyond will be the era of e-commerce success stories in India.

Though i have heard & read a lot of very knowledgeable ( read techies!! ) people from the industry saying that it is a passing tide & may be a major chunk of the “mushrooming” .com s wont see beyond 2014-15. However being a start-up entrepreneur myself & knowing a lot of young blood start-ups, i can easily say that the new-age Indian business starter is very focused on achieving what he/she wants. Also there is a lot of innovative minds entering the e-commerce wagon, assuring that the wave is here to stay!

Though i know that there will be a lot of open-shut businesses here too, just like any other segment / industry today. However i wish that people who know the e-commerce business ( like Alok & a lot of other Rodinhooders! ) would support the new & promising start-ups & create an INDUSTRY out of the so-called-wave of e-commerce portals.

What do you think??


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