Babaji and his Magic – The incident on the Mountain

Last week, just around this time, I was on the Doonagiri Mountain near Ranikhet (India), visiting Babaji’s Cave. We (about 27 pilgrims) had reac...Read More

Ganesh on a Truck

I met lord ganesh, hoisted on a truck, and asked him, “how goes it, big boss?”   Ganesh waved his trunk, chuckled & said, “...Read More

The Bowl, Tray, Rice and Chopsticks

Yesterday in the late morning, after a long session of watchful meditation, Sensei invited the monks to gather around and sit with him on the communal...Read More

Tea, Cups and Hot Water

Since summer started, the Monastery Monks have been practicing Mindful Meditation in the Buddha Hall, from four a.m. in the morning. After an hour and...Read More

To be the moon…

Often, The moon Stares at The moonlight, On the lake, And is Surprised By the beauty Of what It sees.   And the Lake knows, It is the moon, Not t...Read More

Alone on an iceberg…

Alone, On an iceberg, Stand the snow leopard, And I.   We know each other, But have not, Become friends.   I am ego; the vanity The leopard ...Read More

the dark black sea

all the dark black sea, wants, is the full of me.   growling under the stars, starved by the moonlight, the sea just wants me.   trembling a...Read More

When Buddha Crosses the Street, let me know…

During the winter months, Sensei and the Monks retreated from the Monastery and stayed at the Puffy Cloud Lodge located on the eastern plains, below t...Read More

Three Black Crows

Three black crows, Are in my head, Playing a symphony.   The conductor is called anger, The violinist’s name is regret, The flautist goes a...Read More

The Tax Men

Late yesterday evening, two burly men from the tax department arrived at the Monastery. They were in plain clothes and seemed in complete awe of the M...Read More

Floating as a Rose Petal…

Floating as a rose petal We are so delicate Do we own our color? Is gravity a friend? Does the bowl of consciousness Even know, We exist? What makes u...Read More

The Train Man

Train wrecks of karma, Have piled up in front. The mangled, damaged debris, Of past & present deeds. There are no survivors, There is no hope, The...Read More

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