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Ganesh on a Truck

I met lord ganesh,

hoisted on a truck,

and asked him,

“how goes it, big boss?”


Ganesh waved his trunk,

chuckled & said, “so far so good.”


I said, “how far is your trip?”

to nearby water kingdom?

He threw me a modak,

and said, “i dunno”.


The truck was really a UFO

about to take off.

with strobes aimed at the moon,

and music tuned for mars.


Tranced folks danced, danced, danced,

unaware of the tomorrow, the yesterday,

forgetting everything, anything, something

they were in the now, melted in the time.


Ganesh winked; his mouse squirmed,

everything seemed arrested,

just by the precision,

of his glance.


I said,

“Ganesh, tell me the truth!

What is really happening here,

what is going on?”


Ganesh laughed, his trunk swayed,

his belly bubbled & trembled.

He then stared at me,

and made the moment still.


Ganesh said, “The god is you,

the immersion mere ceremony,

the memory a blink,

the feeling transitory.


Focus on the now, the now

the water, the idol, the music, are

mere fragments of bringing you,

back to the now…”


alok rodinhood kejriwal




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