Ranjeet left his job so people could create & consume content in any language

Here’s the story Ranjeet Pratap Singh, an entrepreneur who quit his job because he wanted to do things which were challenging. Being a voracious reade...Read More

Meet Neeta, who understands interaction design.

It was lucky bumping into Neeta Khanuja (interaction designer, post graduate from National Institute of Design) just a few days before a trip to Ahmed...Read More

Meet Roohi, who loves the challenge.

I’ve always looked at her in part admiration, part intrigue. The work jumps have been interesting too, and I take this opportunity to know more about ...Read More

Just Zimmber – Meet Amit Kumar, co founder

From equipment manufacturing to production lines, Amit Kumar has a solid 14 years of execution & team building experience in the big bad world. Th...Read More

Meet Saswata who believes Breakfast is more than ‘food served in the morning’…

I met Saswata Shankar De at TRH Hyderabad Meetup for all of 5 mins. But he left an impression on me. I was captivated when I heard him speak about wha...Read More

Meet Abhiraj Bhal – co founder, UrbanClap

  Meet Abhiraj Bhal (co-founder, UrbanClap) who heads operations and service provider on-boarding at this young but huge startup. After IIT-K and IIM-...Read More

Bharath and Moolesh Jain: The Doorstep Dressers who make you Debonairs.

“I Buy Expensive Suits, They Just Look Cheap on Me” – Warren Buffett. That statement was made by Buffett, when he was rebuked for his scruffy ap...Read More

She built an ecommerce venture from Kolkata and had a successful exit

Recently got connected with Atrai Ganguly (nee Mukherjee), an entrepreneur from Kolkata and recently had a successful exit from her first ecommerce ve...Read More

How to make a viral video? Quick Interview

Few weeks back I met Rajeev Suri, who’s super energetic and vibrantly spirited about digital marketing. If you want to be in the know of the lat...Read More

Brands, Passion, Marketing and Starting Up! – An Interview with Arpita Khadria

Barefoot. I read about this company last year and was highly impressed by their website. So when I got a chance to interview Arpita Khadria, the found...Read More

How Gauri Oak Leads from the Top

[first published on the Hammer and Mop blog] When we sought a Stannis Baratheon to lead our operations with renewed vigor (the post highlighting the n...Read More

Notes of a Retailer by Profession and Choice!

  1. What exactly do you do? Simple and non complicated.    I am a Retail Professional with over 17 years’ hands on experience in Retail Str...Read More

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