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Meet Roohi, who loves the challenge.

I’ve always looked at her in part admiration, part intrigue. The work jumps have been interesting too, and I take this opportunity to know more about them, and her thoughts behind what she does. Meet Roohi Bhatia, a Content Marketing Consultant.

What does Roohi do?

My professional journey started in Public Relations, which was where I zeroed in on my passion for content creation.  That’s what pushed me to take off on my own and work as a freelance content writer. I got to focus solely on what I loved doing, and hone my craft with each new brief. Soon after, I headed for my Masters in the UK, and the fresh mental stimuli left me with new, informed perspectives on the world. I also dabbled in some qualitative research to get a deeper, more strategic insight into the consumer mindset. And now, here I am- content marketing consultant at your service.

I am excited by using the power of words
to craft creative and strategic brand content.

Currently, my clients span across the FMCG, lifestyle, media and entertainment industry. My work typically involves crafting the content strategy for brands, enhancing existing content platforms, and ensuring that they produce consumer-out content that meets their business objectives.

What is content marketing?

I recently come across a great quote that sums it up quite well-

Content marketing is the art of starting a conversation
that consumers want to be part of.

A growing set of consumers are fatigued by traditional marketing, and are finding ways to dodge it left, right and center. If brands want their relationship with these consumers to thrive, they need to go beyond the passive transaction of giving and receiving information.

Enter, content marketing. You listen to what consumers are looking for, and create content that is valuable, relevant and captivating. You push it out through new, uncharted touch points- whether it’s websites, blogs, video marketing or even Whatsapp messages. When consumers serendipitously come across that content on your platform, magic happens. A relationship get built through that happy coincidence, and grows over time on a foundation for trust, loyalty and eventually, sales.

How can companies communicate what they stand for? Is it necessary?

It is absolutely necessary to communicate what you stand for- your values, purpose, vision. For the consumer, the company needs to mean something more than just their product. Yes, they undergo a financial transaction to acquire your product or service, which gives them some functional benefit. But what you stand for will determine how they feel about that transaction in a big way.

Communicating what your values are makes them that much more real.

Then you have those articulations to fall back on to remind you of who you are and why you do what you do. It builds a coherent culture for the organization with every employee aligned to a unifying purpose.

In terms of how you can do it, that begins with asking yourself some basic questions. What exactly do you do? Why do you do it? What is unique or great about the way you do it?  Why do you not do it any other way? In answering those questions, you will end up defining a brand personality that is recognizable and clearly differentiated.

What makes you so passionate about how companies communicate?

When brands communicate, they talk about the difference they make to consumers’ lives. The first step for that is an immersion into how consumers think, feel, do. Those insights are then a springboard to employ a certain combination of words, images or sounds, to bring your ideas to life. That journey, and the multiple paths you can take to arrive at the same place, is one that fascinates me.

On a personal level, I really enjoy the challenge.

There is a massive sea of content that’s already out there. How does a brand get an edge above all of that? How can you say something that’s not been said when everything that could have been said has already been said?! Keep experimenting till you get it right. The environment is so dynamic and competitive. You need to evolve at such a fast pace, while being sure of every step you take.

What has your education been? How does it help you in the work you do?

I come from a Humanities background. I did my B.Sc. in Economics, Politics and International Studies from University of Warwick, and then my Masters in Gender, Media and Culture from London School of Economics.

The most important thing it’s taught me is that there is so much I don’t know.

My education has exposed me to the different ways of the world – how people live, think, do, feel. For everything you’ve thought of, there is something you haven’t thought of.  This mindset pushes me to ask questions, explore different perspectives, and synthesize ideas in new ways. Or at least that’s what I like to tell myself. 😉

Where is Roohi headed?

The dots connect backwards, but you know you’ve found your calling when work is fun. The plan is to continue on that journey, take on new challenges, and make sure I learn as much as possible. Along the way, I hope to immerse myself in work where I get to widen perspectives, and make people think in new ways.   

What is your favourite mode of expression?

Thinking. I do too much of it. Writing. I don’t do enough of it. Actually everything, right from the places I go, media I consume, clothes I wear, people I interact with- they are all modes of expression, and I am equally passionate about all of them.

Tell me about your love for everything vintage.

Firstly, I love that this question is here, so full marks for that! I am certainly a huge fan of everything vintage- be it clothes, accessories or even the music, Hindi and English included. It feels like a lot more that just something I wearing or listening to. There is a story to tell, a richer meaning that goes beyond the current moment, that you will never fully understand but you have a sense of. It is, in fact, the cheapest, most charming way to travel back in time – to see where we come from, how much has changed, and how much has not.

Well clearly, the thoughts have flowed onto the paper like fish. Her stress on the ‘human’ aspect of content marketing is crucial to note, for that adds the intangible edge to one’s expertise. The passion for every moment she lives is crucial to note, for that adds to the simple joys in life.

Thank you for the insights, Roohi. You’ve inspired a fondness for everything vintage again 🙂


[first published on Frankaffe]


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  1. wow. this is awesome sushrut. your interview makes me wanna meet roohi! 

    can totally relate to her fav mode of expression 🙂

    really like the quote on content mktg.

    and it’s so true that you have to get into the consumer’s mind before you figure out any brand communication/strategy. that’s what the copywriter at an ad agency does first. creates the consumer personality so that the team understands who they are talking to! 

    lucky you are sushrut – you get to meet so many interesting folks!

  2. I’m fortunate indeed 🙂 Thanks, Asha!

  3. Sushrut, back to writing more frequently? 🙂

  4. Yep! Missed this, the months leading to Diwali are always more chaotic 🙂

  5. I loved this “

    The most important thing it’s taught me is that there is so much I don’t know.


  6. So true. Thanks Alok, she is an inspiration 🙂

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