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Deskphone is dead. Hail cloud phone by

After completing my B.Tech from NIT Warangal, I joined UBS investment bank as Financial Analyst for EMEA and American markets. My job was to work on different financial models, prepare investment pitches for M&A and fund raising deals. As a part of my job, I used to talk to investment bankers in our US, UK and South Africa offices and work with them on different deals. We were on a team outing at water park – 30 kilometers away from our office.

While we were enjoying the water slides & beers, my manager came to me and said I have to go to the office immediately to take the conference call with my team member in US office and someone from client side. Why go to the office? Because the call will come on my desk phone. So, I had to leave the party & rush to the office to take that call. Since that day, I hate desk phones.

Kill Deskphone - Use JustCall

Hey Deskphone! Where ever you are, I will find you and I will kill you. –


Within a couple of months, I left that job and built a couple of startups both in India & US in last 6 years which got acquired or failed. But, I kept on facing that desk phone problem.

Even with my current business, getting new phone connections or lines for my sales or customer success team was a pain. It takes time, costs unnecessary connection charges, if someone digs the road – phones lines die and takes forever to repair.  And as we sell our products in US, UK and Germany, an outbound call from India number – 1) Costs a lot 2) Lower chances of someone picking up that call 3) Time difference gap creates a lot of missed calls hence business loss 4) No tracking of which sales person is making how many calls 5) Sales or support folks need to be in the office to take or make the calls

So, one fine day – I said to myself that enough is enough and it is time to kill Desk Phone and replace it with Cloud Phones. So, we built a solution for ourselves and after solving our own problem, we opened it up for other businesses. The product is called Within 4 weeks of launching JustCall (Launched on 2nd December 2016), we already have 100+ companies using our product & paying for it, Facebook selected us for its FbStart program and we are just getting started!

Justcall - Cloud-based phone system

Justcall – Cloud-based phone system

To understand how JustCall is killing desk phones, I am mentioning some of the key features below:

  1. Get multiple numbers in 58 countries – instantly! (Pls. note: Indian numbers not available at the moment)
  2. Call from our apps or website. No new hardware or SIM.
  3. Receive calls made on these numbers directly on your mobile phone or computer
  4. Concurrent calls – Create a call center with team member devices
  5. Office hours settings – Forward unanswered calls to voicemail or team members
  6. Send and receive text messages – verify Whatsapp account with international number
  7. Call recordings, ratings and notes for tracking calling activity
  8. Schedule calls or let your clients schedule a call with you – with in-built calendar and Google calendar integration
  9. Conference calling – Create your own conference room and send conference call number & pin to participants
  10. Custom IVR– Setup custom IVR for each phone number. Easy drag and drop. (coming soon)
  11. Integrate with popular CRM and Helpdesks. Make or receive calls, automatically log the activity in your CRM system

So, you can just carry your mobile phone in any part of the world & your multiple business phone numbers will travel with you in your pocket. Now, my sales folks or support executives are not required to be on their desk all the time – they can make, receive and track all the calling activities from their iPhone or Android phone or computer.

We recently published a case study on How Viralwoot increased its revenue by 11.7% by switching to JustCall.

In nutshell, there are 6 major benefits of killing your desk phone & moving to cloud-based phone system:

  1. Be local, sell global (Increases conversions)
  2. Calls made easy (Increases productivity)
  3. Work as a team (Team Collaboration)
  4. Work from anywhere (Increases productivity)
  5. Scalable & affordable (Saves money)
  6. Sound professional (Increases sales )

I would love to hear your thoughts & ideas. If you know someone who will be interested in using JustCall or someone from media who can give us some visibility – please help me with the connections. I am always reachable at or we can connect on Linkedin or Twitter.

Links: Website  | iOS App |  Android App


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