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I don’t want to quit, but I want to survive too

This might be one of the weirdest post on,

I finally decided to start my own business, an advertising agency, after attending TheRodinhoods meetup back in 2014 at BKC, Mumbai. With no idea about sustainability of the business, no idea how I will get the clients, no team to work with, just quit my job and came back to Pune where I studied for 6yrs.  Made all those mistakes that every entrepreneur has been warning here. What I had in mind was, I want to deliver much better designs than what players in local market were delivering to the clients. Started with a loan from a friend, again took more loans from some other friends and family and started to sink in the whirlpool of debt, day by day.

Now I stand here, where I have started earning enough to keep my business running, but the whirlpool of the past loans are still haunting me down. Ruined my relationships with the friends who gave me the loan. With the inspired mind and huge positive thinking took a decision, agreed with the parents’ decision and married a girl who is still my biggest support.

Yes, I am still inspired to be an entrepreneur and build my business, but I need to survive these pulls of the whirlpool. So Now I have decided to ask people if they can offer me a part time job so that I can repay debt and can still carry on my adventure of Entrepreneurship. Somebody will ask, “Why don’t you ask for business rather than a job?” because yes I am still getting business, but it’s little inconsistent. What I want is that I can spend 6-8 hrs working and get payed on consistent basis and on other hand I can again use more 6-8 hrs to work for my own startup.

The consistency of the income is something I am looking forward to, so that I can survive this whirlpool. As a solo entrepreneur I made a few too many mistakes, yes learned from that, but to rise back I need to clear off the burden of the amount I owe to people.

Will I stop working for the one who offers me a job in such an condition?
May be yes. But if I decide to leave, I will make sure, I stay long enough so that the employer will feel this as a profitable engagement.

So I would ask for this help from fellow rodinhoods. If you have any opportunity where you need a resource or an operational partner who can either be a part of managing operation/marketing for the business, do let me know.


Abhijeet Mahajan | 9766943214


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