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German Quant Trading/Alternative Investments-Start-Up: Looking for contacts in India

My name is Philipp, I’m from Germany and I’m a professional Quant Trader. I initiated a startup specialized in automated trading systems. Our team currently consists of 3 professional quant traders. We develop and run automated trading systems for Forex, Futures, ETFs and Stocks.

We started by trading our personal accounts. During the last 6 months we established several partnerships with asset managers in Germany, allowing us to trade their assets.

Our main advantage is the great scalability of our trading, since all our trading is automated and all our models were made to absorb larger assets.

Our main problem, or let’s call it challenge, is our lack of contacts and sales skill. The emphasis of the team building process was on product development only, not on marketing. Now we’re having a great product, being able to return two-digits steadily, but we’re having a hard time finding investors.

We’re looking for:

  • larger investors (“angel investors”) to support our business directly, however this would start off in the higher 6-digits/lower 7-digits area.
  • investors as direct customers, letting us manage their assets directly – starting off at 25K
  • “hubs” / sales entrepreneurs: people who are able to gain investors i.e. customers for our products
  • well connected individuals, being able to connect us to the above mentioned types or any hints where to find them! 😉

In case you feel immediately interested: feel free to contact me directly.

In case you’re interested, but just want to stay in touch and observe us: subscribe to our monthly newsletter, containing live-trading results and news about the development of our company.

Best Regards,

PS: I’m honestly impressed by the variety of contributions to this forum. Browsing through your topics took me an hour before I wrote this… Keep it up this way!


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  1. Thanks Philip for the post

  2. there are quite a few quants in India who are on twitter..I’ll post their twitter handle and you may contact them with your proposal

    @Deepakshenoy (



    There are many many more….

  3. Hi Roshan, are you sure these guys would help me? If they are quants too, then they probably have a similar product and the same problems that I have, don’t they?

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