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How Google ads might affect your organic ranking

After starting an online business, all of us start looking for the presence of our blog/online store in front of our potential audience/customers. The strategies of online marketing may differ from company to company or individual to individual. Some prefer social networking sites as their sole channel of marketing while others focus on online directories or business search engines.

There is one significant medium which no marketing person may ignore and that is the search engines, which in today’s world every internet user is aware of. Be it Google, Yahoo, Bing or Duck Duck Go, each one of these matters.

Talking about the search engines, it is of no doubt that Google owns most of the audience, if not all and this most means around 90% of it. Answering millions of search queries per minute, it obliviously is the main target of a marketing guy.

Being on the top of Google search results is not an easy task to accomplish. While it demands a great knowledge and skill in SEO, it also requires months and years of hard work to be on the top. It is true that all of us cannot get the desired organic ranking and due to this we immediately think of another alternative known as Google Ads.

It is a frequently discussed topic of most of the marketing people that whether the Ads affect the organic ranking or not. Some hold the faith that it has a positive effect while others think that it works totally independent of your organic ranking. What I have observed so far while optimizing my site Kesar Kottage is what I am sharing today & yes I have an explanation.

Suppose you have a google ads account & your ad ranking is high (depending on your ad quality and Ad CTR). Now while paying for ads you obviously are working for the organic ranking of your site (who wouldn’t want to save some pennies of course). Suppose your organic ranking is such that your page finds its place on the first page of search results & not in the top. Now while your potential customer starts searching for his thing on google, your page will appear in two places on the first page.

First is the ad for which you are paying and second is your organic position which is much below the ad. Now that your potential customer has two choices in front of him/her, both of which has the same destination, he obviously will click on the ad because the ad is on the top (& if it is not, stop paying for it). This particular event will decrease what is known as the CTR (Click through rate) of your website, which is one of those many factors on which google organic ranking depends which ultimately will result in the poor organic ranking of your website.

I am not in the favor of completely stopping your ads but you should decide the extent of advertisement wisely.

Thanks and if by any chance you learned something new & liked it, pay a visit to my site Kesar Kottage. Who knows you might be my potential customer …) wink

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