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Interviews for the book: Patanjalize Your Brand – how a local brand forced the giants to rethink?

Hi Rodinhooders,

I am publishing the paperback version of my book “Patanjalize Your Brand – how a local brand forced the giants to rethink?” in October.

The book takes readers through a powerful history of Patanjali, Swami Ramdev to Baba Ramdev and critical lessons in branding by Patanjali.

Part of the “customer speak” section in the book, I am inviting customers who use Patanjali products to share

  • What inspired them to use Patanjali products?
  • How were they first introduced to the Patanjali?
  • Since when have they been using the products?
  • Any other interesting experiences.

The text will be edited by the book’s core team before it gets published.

How to submit your text?
Please Email your submissions to:

We will restrict to a total of 50 customer interviews.



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  1. Where can I buy this stuff?

  2. Hi Alok,

    If its a reference to the Patanjali products, they are available everywhere. If the reference is to the book, I am done with the first manuscript. I am now visiting the Patanjali Food and Herbal Park, Haridwar this weekend to get a more in-depth and keen understanding of how Patanjali works and the core team.

    I aim to launch the book by November.

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