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Making it Big with a simple Wallpaper App!

Have you ever had or been obsessed with something so bad that you always had that thing on your mind.

Going crazy with thoughts like what do I do next? Where do I begin from?

Well, I always had this thing to learn app development specially for Android.

So one fine day I decided. Sat Down. Opened up my laptop and started learning or reading on whatever I could get my hands on, because that’s what really we are missing from our lives. Focus!

I started making some basic Java Apps and then later shifted my focus on Android Studio.

One month down the line, I started making my own app and I launched it. It failed so bad that I had nearly lost faith in everything I do, but I don’t why I still kept on going. Remember, no matter what pulls you down never back out. You never know what is in store for you.

Then suddenly I was clicked with this wallpaper app idea and I started working on it, I launched it and it wasn’t a flop by God’s grace. I was getting decent downloads.

So why I am writing this? To tell you guys that no matter what, give you best shot everytime.

You can check my app out.

Best HD Wallpapers App — Apps on Google Play

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                                                 Favorite them!
                                 Aren’t these wallpapers cool enough?

Though I have not started earning from this app.

But I will try my level best to market it as much as I can.

Do download it and give me a feedback if possible.



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