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Mentors and Breakuphelpline

This is Ankit Anubhav here. I founded a website called We are a website that helps people get over their Ex. 

Its been almost 2 yrs that we have been in operations and finding our idea quirky the media jumped on us to make us their scoops. 

Being a passionate entrepreneur and always looking to expand we thought its better we speak to industry mentors who have incubated ‘quite’ a few startups and get some gyan. Till date have met close to 50 odd mentors and it all starts off with long mails with you explaining what you do and offer. But problem with mentors is that they have a set way of thinking and try to push the same things on you. If you dont agree its a tricky situation as these people have ‘contacts’ in the industry. With so many meetings and trying to get some real mentorship, we continued our journey. Until one fine day one of the people i was meeting for coffee told “why dont you do something real ?” And that was it! Learnt a lesson that people will only want to see and hear what they want to, rest is all noise. 

Made it a strategy to rely on free resources and advice. Incidentally tumbled on Rodinhoods, while we dont post much but all the experiences and what not to do gyan has helped us optimize our business and making a growth of 150% in the past three months 🙂 Basically this forum has become our mentor and we are loving it 🙂 Its unorthodox but has surely worked for us. 

Last time we asked for help about Payment Gateways and the community responded with loads of responses and we have managed to figure it out in the best possible way. 

Now it has become an habit to open Rodinhoods the first thing in the morning if there is something new and how soon can we implement it. 

Thank you all for your wonderful posts and special thanks to Alok and Asha. 

P.S – If you are going through a heart-break or if you know anyone who is going through one, do connect them to us 😛


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