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Music for inspiration and fun (Original songwriting)

They say there are three passions you should have in life:

A passion to make money for you

  • choose that as your profession. There is nothing more liberating than choosing your passion as your profession. Or, your profession becoming your passion.

A passion to keep you creative

  • this is about heart and soul. The right brain. Without this, you are but a robot. This is about art, music, literature. 

A passion to keep you active

  • sports or physical activity. Here it is more important to do than to follow. No armchair commentary here- you need to sweat your backside off.

For me- for the first part- I work in (digital) marketing- and the reward here is mostly passion, I can tell you that. I wouldn’t go through this journey if it wasn’t for the passion.

The third part- tennis. I love the sport. Enough said.

But the second part has defined me most of my life- as least for those in my friend circle. MUSIC.

Now, it is painful to tear yourself from friends, family and even profession- but it is immensely rewarding to create something and to ship it. If it is liked by people, that is a boon.

So here it is- the launch of my single “RE BANDEY” – video above and links below.

This song is many things to me:

1) It is a dedication to Indian (Hindi) poets. The ‘rasa’ of poetry is long foregone, buried somewhere under Bollywood songs. This celebrates the “Veer Rasa” and honors legends in Hindi poetry including Rashtrakavi Ramdhari Singh Dinkar- from whom the reference “shesh samar” has been inspired in the song

2) It is a song with a “go get them” attitude. It is about not giving up- about following your dreams but clear the obstacles, it gives the motivation to succeed against the odds- closer to the philosophy of RodinHoods. 

3) The song is written with a ‘rock’ energy- and composed in a symphony feel. It gives that grandiose operatic feel but also has an edgy attitude- again, it is about having that vision and that attitude.

4) In the lyrics, while the main verses are heavy on the hindi language, the chorus takes a colloquial word ‘Bandey’ and “Re”- calling out someone. “Re Bandey” then takes a rustic approach to call upon someone trying to achieve something in their lives.

So whatever your passion, don’t give up.

Happy to hear your review. Link to video page here

Download high quality audio from here: 

Also on itunes/Saavn/Gaana and other music streaming platform.

2) On a lighter note, since many if not most Rodinhooders are into Digital media based professions, a newly released song- this one’s called “Hamein Toh Maara Social Media Ne”

This song takes a sarcastic, humorous look at the state of our society which in many ways, is obsessed with digital (social) media.

This song takes a storytelling approach with relatable situations using three characters:

Chunnnilaal (a man in thirties), Bittu (a tween kid) and Rosie (a teenage girl or in her twenties) – as it brings to life the social media craze and dilemma that one comes across during these real life events.

Download high quality audio from here: 

Also on itunes/Saavn/Gaana and other music streaming platform.

I ran the songs through with Alok (rather hesitatingly) first – and he thought I should put them up here – perhaps other like minded people would enjoy them too.

  1. Do send your feedbacks on shalabhmusic at gmail dotcom OR in comments below OR on my social media platforms (just search for ShalabhMusic on FB/Twitter/Soundcloud/YouTube/Instagram
  2. If you like the songs- perhaps your friends would too, please do not hesitate to share in your social groups- I have a very small social circle and it will mean a lot to me.



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