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Need Feedback and Tips – Kya mere start up mein Point Hai?

Hi Rodinhooders!

I am Manan Shah, Founder of

My website is for all those “image lover and pocket saving” people (mind you… here image lover and pockets saving goes hand-in-hand and is not optional)

We Sell Gift Cards of all the top-notch brands and  give away ASSURED POINTS/FREEBIES/DISCOUNTS on every successful purchase!!!

Image of

Just to quickly add, Gift Cards and Gift Vouchers are pre-loaded money value cards which are as good as currency and comes with an expiry. So instead of paying by cash or card at your favorite brands, pay it with our gift cards and you also get Assured Points/Freebies/Discounts!! (What else would shopping freaks ask for?)

Feedback required on:-

  1. UI of our website
  2. Are the offers displayed there, clearly understandable?
  3. Any other changes required to make website more user friendly?

Insights needed on:-

  • Currently we are bootstrapped and don’t intend to go for funding anytime soon..So with absolutely low budgets how can we market this Pan India both online and offline?
  • How to enter and approach corporates for promotional activities of our if anyone can help us with any contacts or ideas for the same, will be surely appreciated

Even an opportunity to register ourselves as a vendor in corporates (B2B) would do enough for us!!! Please reply saying “Here’s the contact..”

Alas, do lemme know if you think mere start-up mein Point Hai and how attractive does it sound to you to Buy gift cards, keep collecting Points,Freebies and burn them for fabulous rewards.

So folks, Burn Points… Not Pockets !!!!

Website URL :-

Twitter Handle of Manan Shah: @vskm

Twitter Handle of PointHai: @PointHai_


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