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Pan India Engineering Challenge

Hello Rodinhoods,

Some of you might have read my post here on about my startup, Enwitra Technologies. For those who haven’t, here is the link for a quick reference.

We at Enwitra, now plan to organize a pan India Engineering Challenge to further our journey. This challenge will be open to all engineering students for now. The challenge will feature a never before seen style of aerial and land based racing. To organize such a challenge it is understood that we will need funds. We are bootstrapped till now and frankly short of funds at present. Hence we were looking at sponsorships.

The challenge is supposed to be held in 5 rounds, 4 regional and 1 Finale. Regional rounds are planned in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata and will be hosted in a college campus. Finale venue is yet to be decided. The video posted in my previous post should give you a fair idea about the nature of challenge being discussed here.

Unfortunately, the response hasn’t been great at all from those whom we have reached out for sponsorship. Reason being that it’s something very new and sponsoring companies aren’t confident that Indian students can make such robots. Secondly, not having a media house associated with us is also working against us. Distributing the content via YouTube isn’t a motivator.

Having tried my luck, I wish to seek help and ideas from fellow Rodinhoods on how to proceed. I haven’t yet sent invitations to any college as I do want to land up in a situation that we have teams ready but no funds to execute. That would be embarrassing as well as detrimental for our startup. Kindly suggest what can be done and if anyone of you can help.

Twitter: sagargarg87


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