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Pitstoparabia Case Study – A Proud Client of FME Extensions Dubai

PitStopArabia is a prominent name in the auto-industry of Dubai, and other states of UAE for delivering the top-notch quality of tires. The company intended to make available the top tire brands online like Bridgestone, Dunlop, Pirelli Tires, Michelin, and Nexen all across the UAE. The purpose was to make sure that everyone living in any state of the UAE can easily order authentic rubber products at affordable prices. As one of the best Web development company in Dubai – FME Extensions accepted the challenge of developing an innovative eCommerce platform around their well-reputed business that facilitate users from different states to place orders online and get the required brand tires delivered at the doorstep.

Development of a remarkable tire shopping platform

The major hurdle was sorting of the famous brands with their name and product variety, whereas, another challenge was facilitating the users in finding a suitable match by a specific size or vehicle. FME Extensions has developed them an amazing platform in the form of that exhibits tires by well-reputed manufacturers around the globe.

Usually, the users either seek recommendations from friends or blindly purchase tires from a nearby shop. In result, they either buy poor quality tires in their determined budget or the deal is too expensive. It may be because they are unable to differentiate between genuine and fake tires. The sophisticated platform of PitStopArabia addresses such problems by serving genuine tires straight from world-famous manufacturers like Bridgestone and Dunlop Tyres. The company is committed to delivering high-quality rubber products at affordable prices to ensure the safe and smooth driving experience of its valuable customers.

An Enhanced Ease of finding a Perfect Pair of Tires

PitStopArabia is now equipped with a robust tire search feature that is allowing users either to find tires by a recommended size or according to the make and model of their vehicle. The search bar above the fold is facilitating users to select their preferences and get tire suggestions that match their requirements.

To search a tire by size, they are required to provide width, height, and rim size as prescribed by their vehicle manufacturer. Whereas, to find tires for a vehicle, they can simply choose the make, model, and year of vehicle manufacture and browse a list of tires by different brands to consider.

The Users are facilitated with shopping by Tire Brands too

The website is designed in a way to display top tire brands just below the search box on the homepage. So, if a user is interested in browsing a variety of tires from a specific manufacturer that includes Dunlop and Bridgestone Tyres as well, he can click the respective logo and browse the list.

Furthermore, the users can click ‘See All Brands’ to find different manufacturers endorsed by PitStopArabia. The brands’ page is further improved with alphabetical layered navigation to help users find a brand by its name initials.

Allowing Potential Buyers to compare tires of multiple brands

Every tire brand has its known strength, durability, and usage. Some are manufactured for wet and irregular terrains while others are suitable for plan area, roads, and highways. The selection not only depends on the popularity of a brand but by the value for money it delivers.

To help the users easily shortlist a perfect tire match for their car, PitStopArabia offers a comparison tool. It facilitates the users in comparing tires of the same dimensions, but different manufacturers. They can carry a cost versus benefit analysis, and choose the one that best meets their needs.

PitStopArabia is serving Mobile tire installation and repairs too

With a well-structured eCommerce website, PitStopArabia is made stronger enough to sell tire products and the mobile services on a single platform. Its extensive network and affiliation with different workshops enable it to offer on-site and mobile tire installation services to valued clients. PitStopArabia has simplified availing such services. It encourages customers to select a nearby workshop and the tires will be delivered directly to the shop. No need to receive the tires at home and carry it back to a mechanic for installation, repair, or replacement.


FME Extension is a proud web development partner of PitStopArabia – an online tire shopping platform that is developed with a customer-focused perspective. Multiple features like tire search by size, vehicle, and brand are added to eliminate the gap between finding a durable set of tires for a vehicle. The user-friendly design is quite fascinating to ensure easy access to products that are manufactured by internationally acclaimed tire brands.


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