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Protect your Dreams ! !

I was watching “The Pursuit of Happyness” today…. Those who don’t know about the movie… It’s a true life story of a man of dreams , “Chris Gardener” potrayed by Will Smith… What a great character and played by an equally great actor… Even real Chris Gardener could not believe his eyes and said “Will, made me alive on the screen”.

Well, its a story about a Man who had some dreams , He always wanted to make it big in life.. he always wanted to give a better life to his family. He always wanted his son to be a better human being when he grows up. All his dreams and his persistence made him realize his dreams one day… He made it possible for himself to be where he wanted to be in life.. Although, he did go through a lot of hardships in life, but he was determined to overcome them through working hard against them..and he did.

This is a story of a father who gave high moral values to his son even though he was going through a turmoil himself. He didn’t let his own emotions shown up to his toddler son. It is such a wonderful movie…

I particulary remember one scene from the movie which has led me write this post. In this scene, the father and the sone are playing Basket ball, the son is happy, wants to be a basket ball player when he grows up. The father underestimates him and tells him that he could not play basket ball , “Although I was great at other games and other activities but I could not just play the basket ball and you should also not waste your time on this”. The child felt bad but he agreed to his dad. As soon as he kept his ball back in the bag, the Father called him and gave him a wonderful lesson for life… This could be for all of us as well…

” Hey, Don’t ever let anybody tell you, you can’t do something, not even me….
you gotta dream , you gotta protect it.. people can’t do something themselves, they wanna tell you, you can’t do it… You want something, go get it .. period !!”

Such a wonderful lesson ….. It’s your dream, not your friend’s , your father’s or anyone elses… if they are not able to do something in life… doesn’t mean you are not capable of doing it … Protect your dream and then live it to the best of your abilities… that’s how you make your life fulfilling and happy …

Every game has a few players and a lot of spectators…it’s up to you ! Do you want to “PLAY” the game of your life or you just want to watch it happen !!

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