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Rumours about Akash – Is it turning out to be the face of another Scam?

There was a big hype regarding Akash tablets because of its pricing,Is it Begining to crumble.

Some of the concerns put forward by the online community are,

  1. Technology experts question’s about which components are made in India,
  2. Many Believe this product is just re branded form of another Chinese product
  3. Without any past records how Indian government initiated tender in favor of the company
  4. Why Indian government is promoting the product even though the majority of the components are from outside India.
  5. Ordered product never delivered,Nor option to refund
  6. Even after paying upfront amount, Orders are not completed even after many months and just emails of product would be delivered in another 10 days roll out.
  7. Employees sources confirm non payment of salaries.
  8. No of top executives resigning from the company.

“DataWind bought more than 10,000 or more “A 13″ made-in-China tablets from at least four manufacturers in Shenzhen and Hong Kong between October 26 and November 7.”

“Documents reviewed by HT show DataWind founders and NRI brothers Suneet and Raja Singh Tuli may have procured these devices off-the-shelf from manufacturers in China for $42 ( Rs. 2,263 then), exactly the price at which they sold these to the Indian government.”

“People should know about this and stop sending advance payments and fall victim to the false misleading company,Said by kaushik”


First Post

* When i first heard of this product i thought this Indian product would break Chinese mobile/tablet market in India at that time,But i never saw/got one to review this product.

Some of the rodinhoods may have additional info please do share.


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