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Software development positions open @ Thinker’s Hat. 0 – 2 years experience level

A short description of Thinker’s Hat would simply be: We are about Business Intelligence solutions using Microsoft Excel.

Our core domain expertise is in manufacturing. We sell three very niche products to manufacturing & trading companies.

  •  TStock: Inventory management made simple
  •  TTrack: Simple reports & aesthetic dashboard for production reporting
  •  TPlan: Our flagship product for production scheduling & capacity planning

In addition, we also develop customized business reporting solutions. We focus only on the MS Office/Excel user experience. This is intentional, as it differentiates us from all the other custom IT product vendors out there.

We’re tapping a huuuge potential market in manufacturing companies from the SME segment to large corporates, as they all use Excel.

We have served clients such as Mahindra, Eaton, Lear, Circor, Parker Hannifin, Inteva & KSPG, all MNCs. We also have SME clients such as Shree Ashtavinayak Glass, Davi Engineering, Pooja Castings and JB Equity.

We’re a small, upwardly mobile company, where you would get the opportunity to join in at almost the beginning stage.

About the job

Primarily application development. However, we’re a very small company, and if you work for us, you would get guaranteed exposure to all of the following areas:

  • Understanding customer requirements & developing product specs
  • Developing amazing front ends
  • Back-end development
  • Testing
  • Installation & commissioning at the customer sites
  • Training users on use of our tools
  • Providing customer support for tools that we have already delivered

And if you’re real bright, we may also fast track you into consulting with our clients to suggest how they could use our tools to improve their systems.

What we look for

  • Strong programming skills. You must be able to conceptualize how a program should be built up, what the modules should look like, and build strong, modular, well-documented code.
  • Front-end development skills. While this is not a must, if you demonstrate this, you will stand out from your competition.
  • Good communication skills. You will have to present yourself in front of the customer, sometimes independently.
  • We don’t care what platform you have experience with. You need to be able to code.
  • A ‘yearning-for-learning’ & self-driven aptitude.

If you’re interested,

Contact me at (Twitter @svrsmiley). Email your resume. If you have any project samples that you would like to share, that will be fantastic.

More than anything, we promise you fantastic mentoring.

Learn more about us at

PS. We prefer geeks based in Pune. Makes it so much easier & quicker to interview & hire. 


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