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Step by step guide to write the Perfect Project Proposal

The project proposal is the core of any project. The presentation of the proposal is the first key that convinces the client. In today’s highly competitive industry, it is not at all easy to acquire a project without a planned project proposal. There should an artistic way of presentation which should include all the essential scientific criterion. Always follow S. M. A. R. T. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound) technique.

Thus, the quality of the proposal must be smart and should contain proper information about the project management approaches in a proper and sequential manner. Too long project proposal seems boring and would not be entertained. On the other hand, the too short proposal would be looked upon as a weaker presentation that would lose faith. Today’s world believes in “smart work” rather than hard work. Your project proposal should be designed in a smart way. It should contain all the relevant and necessary information that satisfy the client.

Project Proposal

Here are steps that will help you to prepare a perfect proposal. Let’s learn about them:

  • Present an executive summary

Provide an executive and smartly designed summary of the project. In this way, by going through the summary at first, the interest of the client could be acquired.

  • Mention the targets clearly

Mention the targets and the troublesome points that may arise during the smooth running of the project. This enhances the client’s trust and confidence on you.

  • Mention Project Scope

Being a project manager, you should present a well – balanced (not too overboard with promises and not too conservative lacking the prospects) and achievable scope. As it is the most critical phase of the project, mention the deliverables in a proper way that it should seem productive to the client.

  • Provide a specific timeline

Fulfilling the goals with a realistic timeline is a hard nut to crack. However, it will force you to execute your project and produce the expected results uncompromisingly. Thus, present a quirky graphical representation of the events expected to occur at a particular time limit.

  • Give a budget summary

Be very keen and sharp while preparing the budget. It should include all the macro and micro expenses. Also, there should be an assumed calculation and description of any kind of kind of losses and unfortunate events.

  • Provide the details of the involved members

Introduce yourself and your team members to the client both on papers and physically and mention the credentials, calibre, achievements and talents.

  • Explain your process of working

Give an elaborate description of your working procedure that should include systems, flowcharts, philosophy, etc that will be implemented by you to maintain the dignity and tackle with the competition.

  • Be communicative and interactive

Be communicative with your client and always report the steps you will undertake like the application of any project management app or software program or any useful tool. Organize meetings from time to time.

  • Propose a well-organized payment structure

Present a well-organized payment structure that should include all the terms and conditions along with the applied fee clearly and straightforward.

Thus, we can simply conclude and hope that following these steps and guidelines, you may achieve your expected goals.


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