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Still using spreadsheets to settle expenses?

The payments industry is changing rapidly. At the same time, the trend of paying for things on mobile devices and the increasing popularity of online shopping are amplifying our consumption based economy.

When it comes to splitting and settling money with friends, we are sure you must have burned your hands many times in maintaining long dis-organised spreadsheets. Remember? Those dozens of formulas applied on the boxes rather makes the whole settlement, a very complex process and on top of it, takes the fun element out of the equation.

If you are still using spreadsheets or similar tools for your daily accounting, you are literally living in the stone age!

Unlike those long sheets filled with multiple entries and never-ending calculations, we at Mypoolin have brought in a revolution where the process is highly intuitive and much more easier to understand. The icing on the cake — it allows instant bank to bank payments for free and works 24×7. So instead of just noting those bills down in like 5 minutes, how about actually making that money transfer to your friend’s bank account in just 10 seconds!


“If I can’t dance to it, it’s not my revolution.” ―Emma Goldman

Like our 100K+ users, experience the magic yourself and make your payment experience fun with our lively app.

Also, say goodbye to all the math that brings in a lot of unnecessary confusion and stress. Besides, you can also track what your friends are up to in your friends’ feed (if they want to share it) — Check it out


Team Mypoolin


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