Focus on Market Share Vs Focus on Value Creation

I had taken off from my work to attend a course at  IIM- A to  improve my ability to anticipate, comprehend and respond to the ever changing business ...Read More

Which are the best ways to destroy a startup? Check out these ideas!

It started with a terse update of mine on facebook and other social media sites where I asked “Which are the 5 best ways to destroy a startup...Read More

The 22.75 strange things I learnt in 2016…

My 2016 was dedicated to learning strange things. Happy to share them with you! 1. Anything sells. There is a buyer for anything The citizens of the a...Read More

Wharton India Economic Forum – 2017

Wharton India Economic Forum is back and this edition is bigger than ever. For the first time WIEF is a holding a 2 day conference in India. Come to t...Read More

Mumbai’s new startup, Adractive, pays people money to watch Advertisements

A Team based out of Mumbai, has developed an application, Adractive, which showcases people Advertisements and Entertainment separately. The applicati...Read More

IvyCamp launches registration and regulatory services for startups on its Platform

IvyCamp is a Unified innovation and Entrepreneurship Platform that leverages the Global Alumni Networks to help entrepreneurs become successful. IvyCa...Read More

Why 9 out of 10 start-ups fail to build a successful business model?

To begin with this topic has been discussed several times before but is just a different view which may resonate with some of you. And also I am not a...Read More

How I got some of the best people in Silicon Valley as my advisors.

I am on my flight back after a two-month visit to the technology capital of the world, Silicon Valley. We are building Sieve, a platform for freelance...Read More

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